Scholarship Schemes

Prioritizing education to everyone, we are committed to attract the students of exceptional talents. Beside this we have equal concern on those who are economically down and out. Being part of society we are executed to perform social responsibilities. Thus, scholarship at Hrit equally quests to honest, capable, economically down and out, ethnic group, orphan, and girls from remote areas. We equally open scholarship schemes for players of games like Volleyball, Chess, Basket Ball, and Table Tennis and so on. Each year, we provide such scholarship for holistic development of child.

100% Scholarship in both Annual and Tuition Fee 4 GPA in SEE
100% Scholarship in Admission fee                                   A+ in SEE
50% Scholarship in Admission fee A in SEE
100% Scholarship in Annual and Tuition fee for Grade XII College Topper in Board

Exam of Grade XI

50% Scholarship in Admission fee               National & International medalist
25% Scholarship in Admission fee                           Terminal Toppers Faculties Wise


  1. In case of repetition of scholarship to a single candidate under different criteria, single scholarship will be valid for the highest value.
  2. Scholarship subjected to discontinuation in the next session if the recipient student is unable to maintain 2.4 GPA in Terminal Examination and above 2.4 GPA in Board Examination. Scholarship will be cancelled in case of failure of discipline.
  3. Student must have NEB recommendation letter.
  4. The college management reserves the right to fix the quota as per situation.
  5. To get scholarship in grade XII for the Title of College Topper, student must obtain at least 3.60 GPA in Board Examination of Grade XI.