About us

"Collaboration and supports are central to college ethos. We, here at HRIT are heading forward to create, integrate and impart the quality and value based education."

It is to develop highly potential, professional and disciplined pupils to compete currents updates in their field. We desire to train our students with current technology and motivate them to take up research problems and innovation associated with professional personality development programs to meet the challenges in this competitive world in efficient manner. The college equally encourages high standards of professional conducts and ethics by providing quality education on par with global standards. Thus imparting quality based value education is our foresight and vision.

The college located at the historical place with Academic Black at Bashundhara Chauki, Kantimarg, attaches utmost importance towards the maintenance of discipline. Any sorts of misbehaving are ruled out. It is just because we feel discipline; dedication and devoting are key to success are turn individual into ideal being. So the students are expected to be well disciplined, cooperative and well behaved with decency and decorum.

Rules and regulation obligatory to Hritian:

  • It shall be bounded duty to every student to abide by the rules and regulations of the college, and to conduct him/her with discipline and decorum at any time under all circumstances.
  • College starts from 6:20 AM to 10:15AM. Student should enter to college area by 6:15AM. Delay by five minutes to regular staring time, students will not be entertained in class.
  • Students are suggested to carry student’s Identity Card with them all the times and produce it on request.
  • Students are to wear the prescribed school attire with black shoe, white socks, black belt, black cap and muffler (in winter season), when they are in school when attending any activities organized by the school.
  • Students are advised to bring textbooks and notebooks compulsorily, for fair notebook only register file is allowed.
  • Students must be present for all lessons; Students are not allowed to leave the classroom without a pass issued by teachers.
  • With no excuse students need to participate in Examinations conducted by college. Differ in Examination cannot be tolerated.
  • Minimum 80% attendance for each terminal Examination is required. If students fall below this without valid reason, students may be suspended, and even not permitted to take examination or both.
  • The students can avail only with prior sanction from the concerned HOD/Principal. Absence from excuse from parent/guardian (for urgent family matters only).
  • Students must remain within the school grounds once they have reported to school.
  • Boys are to keep their face clean, without any moustache. Boys must keep their hair, neat and in natural color.
  • Girls must keep their hair neat and tidy. Hair must be in natural and be tied. Hair accessories must be simple and inconspicuous and be confined to school colors.
  • Students are not allowed to wear earrings/ear studs. Fingernails must be kept short and clean. No varnishing of ginger nails is allowed.
  • Students must display respect when interacting. Disorderly behaviors or use of abusive language, vandalizing college’s properties and misuse of college resources and facilities will be always under keen observation.
  • In case of personal discomfort with friends, classmate and surrounding, students are not allowed to take any action themselves and at the same time management will be waiting for immediate response.
  • Uses of mobiles and similar types of appliances are strictly prohibited inside classroom and loss of these appliances would not be under college consideration.
  • Students are informed not to visit public places like Park, Cinema Hall etc. in college attire.
  • Bikes are strictly now allowed in college periphery.
  • Students must not possess banned items.
  • Consumption of food is not allowed in the classrooms. Students must consume food and drinks only within the canteen.
  • Students are required to pay fee on time.
  • Students are encouraged to use our college web software www.hrit.meroschool.com student’s activities will be uploaded online and will be guided and upgraded accordingly.
  • For emergency and immediate information, college has introduced Notice Board Numbers: 1618-01-439011. Information from the Notice Board number will be Valid.
  • Every individual has unique inter-personal talents. We encouraged every talent to be fostered. Eventually we hope for your better future with blessing of almighty. Welcome and good luck to HRIT ACADEMY