Principal’s Message

"I feel delighted to inform you that HRIT ACADEMY is committed to advance learning with diverse range of courses to inspire and fulfill pupil’s ambition; we want all our learners to achieve their potential during their valuable time with us. Student’s success is central to everything we do at our college. A candle does not lose anything by lighting another candle."

Therefore, we at HRIT encourages students to be cooperative with positive intent to act as a one team with integrity and take an imaginative and practical approaches to all that they do. Our prime aim is to prepare individual for the next phase of their lives, the world of work, entrepreneurship, advanced learning and career progression. At the same time HRIT is renowned for friendly, tolerant and progressive atmosphere where students are brought together by shared intellectual curiosity and academic ambition. Studying at HRIT is sure to be memorable experience as we have dedicated workforce, experienced teacher, honest advisors and divine commitment. At HRIT, we have two things in common: intellectual ability and progressive potential. We also have the capacity and enthusiasm for hard works and intellectual challenges. Prioritizing education to everyone, we are equally committed to attracting the students of exceptional talents regardless of their social, cultural and financial backgrounds. Thus HRIT has well-deserved reputation for academic excellence, openness, infirmity and strong welfare and students supportive system. I hope that you will choose to study with us and in doing so become part of exciting institution.

Anand Kumar Yadav